Traditional Japanese tea, Where can you taste it When you visit Japan?

Japanese tea cannot be drunk at general Japanese cafes. A common cafe in Japan is a place to eat Western food such as coffee, sandwiches and cakes. They usually go to Japanese cafe to hope a relaxing time and outside Japan-style mood.

Can buy it beverage vending machine, convenience store and supermarket

Most easiest way to taste japanese tea is buy it comes in cans or plastic bottles (PET).
500ml bottles are about 100-150 yen.

I will show some regular items.

This is “Nama-cya" (生茶) and “Ayataka" (綾鷹).

These are a kind of “green tea" (緑茶). The color of tea is green, if you drink it so may feel bitter. The recommendation is shaking a bottle before taste it because easy to settle tea leaf. These are sold at China, Thailand, and Asian nation too.

This is “Mugi-cya" (むぎ茶, 麦茶).

The kind of this tea is also famous kind of Japanese tea. The color of tea is brown, My mother used to make barley tea for me and my family when I was a child. Japanese barley tea is affordable tea so make it from generally Japanese families. This tea go down so easily, and The tea leaf precipitate very few on the bottom. This is best served chilled In Summer.

In Japan, There are a lot of beverage vending machines. It’s quick to can buy these but a little expensive.

If you buy inexpensive than it, go to convenience store.
About 120-130 yen here.

At supermarket you can buy it more inexpencive.
Here, There are around 100 yen and often less than 100 yen.

At hotels and Japanese-style hotels

At hotels or Japanese-style hotels (旅館) in Japan, There may is free Japanese tea bag in the hotel room.

At Japanese food restaurants

Speaking of Japanese affordable foods, They are Japanese noodles called “Udon" (うどん) and “Soba" (蕎麦). Udon and soba restaurants.
Additionally, Japanese style pub called “Izakaya" (居酒屋).

Japanese tea maybe isn’t in the menu, But if you ask staff so if may give you Japanese tea. If winter, say “熱いお茶をください (Atui ocha wo kudasai)" (Please, Japanese hot tea). In the most case, it is free. And it tastes like the same 100 yen tea.

Order it at Traditional Japanese tea restaurants

You can taste Japanese Traditional tea at these restaurant, Many visiting Japan are probably looking for it.

These restaurants are sometimes attached to Japanese tea speciality shops. Not only that, These are in a shopping street at Japanese traditional sightseeing spot, too.

Its tea is about 500-1500 yen here.

Maybe, You can learn Japanese tea knowledge and practices in here. It’s more better you order Japanese sweets too. Traditional “Gyokuro" is finest of green tea. If you taste it, you will be surprised a rich flavour.

But it is expensive and The restaurant is formal style in most cases. Many Japanese people may feel self-conscious about entering these restaurants.

Many Japanese people don’t have a lot of knowledge about Japanese traditional tea

In Japan, Maybe it’s because Japanese Traditional tea practice called “sado" is not taught as part of the compulsory education (茶道).

I hope you will can taste wonderful Japanese tea!